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OpenFOAM Development

OpenFOAM is developed by contributors led by Henry Weller, creator of OpenFOAM and Director of CFD Direct & The OpenFOAM Foundation

Contributors to OpenFOAM

Discover the people behind OpenFOAM and how they contribute to the project.

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Report a Bug

Help identify, report and fix bugs through the OpenFOAM issue tracking system

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How to Contribute

Requirements for making effective, sustainable and meaningful contributions to OpenFOAM 

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OpenFOAM Core Support

We are committed to sustainable growth of OpenFOAM.  With OpenFOAM Core Support we grow OpenFOAM to meet your needs.

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Learn to use OpenFOAM

Access documentation, and enrol for training, from the OpenFOAM experts.

User Guide

General information about running OpenFOAM, compilation, solvers, models, mesh generation and post-processing.

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OpenFOAM Training

CFD Training based on features to simplify use, and accelerate learning, from the main developers at CFD Direct.

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C++ Source Guide

The C++ Source Guide, generated by Doxygen has links to source code, inheritance and collaboration diagrams, and more.

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Free and Open Source

OpenFOAM is free and open source, distributed only under the
GNU General Public Licence v3

OpenFOAM Licensing

Latest News

New Website Launched

The OpenFOAM Foundation, which licenses and distributes OpenFOAM free and open source to the the pub…

5th May 2016

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