OpenFOAM 4.1

OpenFOAM v4.1 | Ubuntu 16.10

OpenFOAM is now packaged for Ubuntu 16.10, codename yakkety. The deb pack, openfoam4, is distributed from the OpenFOAM Foundation download repository and includes the latest bug fixes released with OpenFOAM version 4.1.

5th November 2016

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OpenFOAM 4.1 Released

OpenFOAM version 4.1 is a patch release of version 4.0 with approximately 50 commits that fix critical issues, improve usability and consistency in the code. As a patch release, we strongly recommend users of v4.0 upgrade to this version; users of the packaged version for Ubuntu (openfoam4) can receive 4.1 as part of a system upgrade. OpenFOAM 4.1 is supplied as:

  • a packaged installation for Ubuntu Linux — the simplest installation option for OpenFOAM;
  • a source pack for compilation on other Linux distributions.

13th October 2016

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