Jenya Collings

Funding OpenFOAM in 2024

OpenFOAM is mature, open source software for CFD, which is trusted by many thousands of engineers and scientists in industry and academia worldwide. It provides an alternative to proprietary CFD software where licensing can start at $25k for a single user running in serial per year, increasing to group/parallel licences of $100k-200k+ and corporate licences of $1M+. OpenFOAM needs €500k in 2024 for maintenance so welcomes new organisations to fund it from one of 3 levels of support: Platinum (€100k per year), Gold (€25k) and Silver (€5k). Silver is for organisations with individual CFD users, Gold is for organisations with a dedicated CFD group and Platinum is suited to organisations that depend on OpenFOAM at a strategic level.

4th December 2023

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