Funding OpenFOAM in 2017

OpenFOAM Funding 2017

The OpenFOAM Foundation needs €100k to fund its activities in 2017. We aim to improve software quality, targeting a 50% reduction in unresolved OpenFOAM issues. In particular, we want to repair the following areas of OpenFOAM, which requires significant code refactoring and/or rewriting: AMI, ACMI and cyclic interfaces; heat transfer, including CHT; particles and tracking (Lagrangian); sources and constraints (fvOptions). We propose that 20 companies pool €5k each reach our target. Please contact us about funding OpenFOAM in 2017.

15th November 2016

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OpenFOAM v4.1 | Ubuntu 16.10

OpenFOAM is now packaged for Ubuntu 16.10, codename yakkety. The deb pack, openfoam4, is distributed from the OpenFOAM Foundation download repository and includes the latest bug fixes released with OpenFOAM version 4.1.

5th November 2016

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OpenFOAM-dev & Scotch 6 | Ubuntu

The packaged build of OpenFOAM-dev for Ubuntu 14.04LTS and 16.04LTS now includes object libraries for Scotch 6 to support mesh redistribution when running snappyHexMesh in parallel.

12th October 2016

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New Website Launched

The OpenFOAM Foundation, which licenses and distributes OpenFOAM free and open source to the the public, is pleased to announce the upgrade of its website at    

5th May 2016

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