Funding OpenFOAM in 2019

The cost of sustaining OpenFOAM is currently € 250k per year. Organisations with commercial dependence on OpenFOAM should contribute to the cost of sustaining it. The OpenFOAM Foundation provides Maintenance Plans for organisations to support sustainability. There are three levels of Plan: Gold (€ 20k per year); Silver (€ 5k); and, Bronze (€ 1k). The funding supports a full-time team of core developers with combined skills in software design, programming, numerics, science and engineering, mainly at CFD Direct (including OpenFOAM’s creator, Henry Weller).

5th November 2018

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Funding OpenFOAM in 2018

The OpenFOAM Foundation needs €250k annually to maintain OpenFOAM including “usability” developments, code redesign, issue resolution (bug fixing), distribution and testing, and operational costs. We provide 3 maintenance plans to fund the maintenance of OpenFOAM: Bronze at €1k per year; Silver at €5k; and Gold at €20k. Priority is given to maintenance requests from users backed by a maintenance plan, where: Bronze gives priority over published information; Silver gives additional priority over quality assurance, e.g. fixes on the Issue Tracking System; and, Gold gives additional priority over requests for usability improvements and code redesign.

2nd October 2017

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OpenFOAM Parallel I/O

When an OpenFOAM simulation runs in parallel, the data for decomposed fields and mesh(es) has historically been stored in multiple files within separate directories for each processor. Processor directories are named processorN, where N is the processor number.  In July 2017, the new collated file format was introduced to OpenFOAM-dev […]

7th July 2017

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OpenFOAM-dev | Ubuntu 17.04

The development line of OpenFOAM is now packaged for Ubuntu 17.04, codename zesty. The deb pack, openfoam-dev, is distributed from the OpenFOAM Foundation download repository and includes the latest features and bug fixes for OpenFOAM.

16th April 2017

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