Release Announcements

OpenFOAM 1.2 Released

OpenFOAM version 1.2 is the latest upgrade of OpenFOAM, the Open Source CFD Toolbox. Version 1.2 extends the impressive range of multiphase flow tools to include: twoPhaseEulerFoam, a very general Euler-Euler two-phase code including both particle and bubble/droplet interaction terms and models; twoLiquidMixingFoam, a variant of interFoam which allows the […]

22nd August 2005

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OpenFOAM 1.1 Released

OpenFOAM version 1.1 is the first major upgrade of OpenFOAM since its launch under the under the GNU General Public Licence 3 months ago. The most significant development is a comprehensive restructuring of the underlying database which handles object I/O and data lookups. A hierarchical structure has been implemented to […]

11th March 2005

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OpenFOAM 1.0.2 Released

One month after the launch of the open source release of OpenFOAM, a new version is released to remove the main problems reported on the discussion site, in particular in relation to code compilation. The response to the open source release has exceeded all expectations, with a tenfold increase in […]

12th January 2005

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OpenFOAM 1.0 Released

The FOAM software, formerly a commercially licensed product, became open source software on 10th December 2004, licensed exclusively under the GNU General Public Licence. The software was renamed “OpenFOAM” to reflect its new identity and FOAM ceased to be licensed with immediate effect. The decision to make the software fully […]

10th December 2004

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