Contributors to OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is developed by a team of individuals supported by the companies that employ them.  Find out who contributes to OpenFOAM.

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Report Issues & Fix Bugs

You can get involved with OpenFOAM by reporting bugs on our issue tracking system.  If you report a bug, take responsibility over its resolution: provide a small, simple test case that reproduces the problem; be responsive to those that provide help; test any patches that are provided and report back your findings.  Help with issues that are not directly relevant to you… and become a significant contributor to OpenFOAM.

Contributing Code to OpenFOAM

Quality control is our priority for the thousands of CFD projects that use OpenFOAM.

How to Contribute

How people contribute to the OpenFOAM and our requirements that meet the needs of users and other developers.

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Code Quality

A guide to code quality to help “future-proof” OpenFOAM for manageable development in the long term.

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Coding Style Guide

A guide on code style, essential to avoid errors, enable code analysis and for better code maintainability.

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