9th July 2024

Download v12 | Source Pack

The source code of OpenFOAM 12 and related third-party software can be downloaded as tar.gz compressed archive files:

The archive files download with inconvenient file names, so we recommend following the instructions below where they are unpacked immediately into the source directories, which avoids storing the files themselves.


A source installation should follow the instructions beginning with Compiling OpenFOAM from Source Code. In the section 2. Downloading Source Code, an installation directory is first chosen.  After the installation directory is chosen (and, if necessary, created), open a terminal window, change into the installation directory and download an unpack the source and third-party archives by copying and pasting the following:

wget -O - | tar xvz
wget -O - | tar xvz

The files unpack to produce directories OpenFOAM-12-version-12 and ThirdParty-12-version-12These directories need to be renamed as follows:

mv OpenFOAM-12-version-12 OpenFOAM-12
mv ThirdParty-12-version-12 ThirdParty-12

The instructions can then continue from section 3. Setting the Environment.