1st May 2016

OpenFOAM Repo: 5. Compiling OpenFOAM

With the Third Party software installed and environment updated, compile OpenFOAM by going into the OpenFOAM-dev directory and executing the Allwmake script.  Type Allwmake -help for options, but the 2 main choices are to compile in serial with


or compile in parallel with all available cores/hyperthreads with:

./Allwmake -j

Serial compilation takes several hours, whereas compilation on 8 cores/threads should take approximately one hour, possibly less, depending on the processor.

Updating the System

The source repositories, in particular OpenFOAM-dev, are updated regularly.  Updates can be “pulled” to your source directory by executing in the OpenFOAM-dev directory

git pull

The updates can then be compiled into OpenFOAM with the -update option (with or without the parallel -j option):

./Allwmake -update

If the update build does not compile correctly, e.g. after some very major changes, then the platform should be cleaned before recompiling with


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