OpenFOAM Open Day 2018

The OpenFOAM Foundation is pleased to announce the OpenFOAM Open Day 2018.

  • Date: Wednesday 19th September 2018, 10:00 – 16:00 UK time.
  • Free meeting for the supporters of OpenFOAM who manage and maintain the software, contribute new developments and provide funding. 
  • Free live stream worldwide to OpenFOAM users and CFD managers who register using a recognised company email address.

What is the OpenFOAM Open Day?

The OpenFOAM Foundation manages and maintains OpenFOAM so that it can always be freely downloaded and installed, and is robust, usable and extensible.  Thousands of users depend on the OpenFOAM Foundation to sustain OpenFOAM — from industry, academia and research institutes, to consultancy companies, cloud, SAAS and HPC providers. 

The OpenFOAM Open Day addresses the sustainable development of OpenFOAM, bringing together talks and discussion from:


We have provisionally scheduled the following talks by leading OpenFOAM practitioners.  We will update this agenda over the coming weeks.

  • “Sustainable Development of OpenFOAM”, Chris Greenshields, CFD Direct
  • “Redesigning OpenFOAM for Extensibility”, Henry Weller, CFD Direct
  • “Funding OpenFOAM through the Process Consortium”, George Skillas, Evonik Industries AG
  • “Developing OpenFOAM for Reliability”, Will Bainbridge, CFD Direct
  • “Contributing to OpenFOAM”, Juho Peltola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • “Combustion in OpenFOAM: contributor case study”, Francesco Contino, BURN Joint Research Group, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • “Repackaging OpenFOAM for Usability”, Chris Greenshields

Who should attend?

  • Everyone with an interest in the sustainability of OpenFOAM should attend the meeting.
  • As well as users, this includes managers in organisations that are commercially dependent on their use of OpenFOAM.

Sponsoring the meeting

How do I attend?

  • In person: OpenFOAM’s contributors, supporters and maintainers, and event sponsors, will be invited to attend the event in person.
  • By live video stream: please register using the form below, using a ** recognised company email address **.  Depending on demand, registrations for online streaming may be limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

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