OpenFOAM Maintenance Plans

OpenFOAM is mature, open source software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  It rivals the major, proprietary, commercial CFD software in size and functionality. It has a unique design that enables users to create customised libraries (modules) and CFD applications, quickly and conveniently, using supplied scripts, compilation tools, configurations and examples.

If your business uses OpenFOAM for research and development, product design, safety or other important applications, then it is critical to you that OpenFOAM is maintained to a high standard and evolves to changes in user expectation and environment.  The cost of maintenance is significant because it requires a full-time team of experts with combined skills in software design, programming, numerics, science and engineering.  The work is undertaken mainly by core developers at CFD Direct (including OpenFOAM’s creator, Henry Weller) and includes:

  • usability developments, providing new code, example cases and documentation of general benefit;
  • code redesign to manage the integration of new developments and ensure maintainability and extensibility;
  • issue resolution, managing approx. 500 reported issues per year, providing corrections to incorrect/incomplete functionality;
  • distribution, including creating test cases, running tests, code compilation, packaging, version releases and promotion,
  • operational work, such as marketing, IT/cloud infrastructure, licensing and finance and administration.

Make Maintenance a Priority

Poor software maintenance presents a risk to your business.  You can mitigate that risk by purchasing one of our plans below to support ongoing maintenance of OpenFOAM.  With a maintenance plan, you are given priority in the maintenance work that is performed.

  • With the Bronze plan, your requests for new documentation, instructions, recommendations, etc are given priority. 
  • The Silver plan additionally provides quality assurance with priority over: fixes on the Issue Tracking System; inclusion of test cases for critical functionality; and packaging for installation.
  • The Gold plan gives additional priority to your requests for usability improvements and code redesign to support new functionality of interest to your organisation. The Silver and Gold plans include quarterly reports inviting comments on recent and proposed maintenance work and the Gold plan includes an annual review meeting.

To contact us about a maintenance plan, click the plan name/price below.