2nd June 2022

OpenFOAM | Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

OpenFOAM is now packaged for the latest long term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu.  The version is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, codenamed jammy, supported until April 2027.  The packs include

  • openfoam-dev: package of the development line of OpenFOAM, which includes major code changes that can break backward compatibility.
  • openfoam9: package created from the OpenFOAM-9 source repository that incorporates latest code fixes without breaking backward compatibility.
  • paraviewopenfoam56: package of ParaView for OpenFOAM, installed automatically as a recommended package of openfoam-dev and openfoam9.

To install OpenFOAM-dev on Ubuntu 22.04, see: Download OpenFOAM-dev | Ubuntu

To install OpenFOAM 9 on Ubuntu 22.04, see: Download v9 | Ubuntu