16th June 2011

OpenFOAM 2.0.0: Miscellaneous

In addition to new features described on other pages linked to from the version 2.0.0 release announcement, there are some other new developments in OpenFOAM.

Other new solvers

  • adjointShapeOptimizationFoam – steady-state solver for incompressible, turbulent flow of non-Newtonian fluids with optimisation of duct shape by applying ”blockage” in regions causing pressure loss as estimated using an adjoint formulation.
  • magneticFoam – solver for the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets.
  • rhoPorousMRFLTSPimpleFoam – steady-state solver using local-time stepping for laminar or turbulent flow of compressible fluids with support for porous media and MRF for HVAC and similar applications.

Other new utilities

  • topoSet – combination of cellSet, faceSet, pointSet utilities that can execute multiple ‘set’ commands in a sequence.
  • extrudeToRegionMesh – extrude faceZones into separate mesh, as a different region, for extruding baffles or creating a region for surface film or pyrolysis simulations.

Other new libraries

  • libdistributed – tools for searching and IO on distributed surfaces.
  • libdistributionModels – particle distribution function modelling.
  • libfileFormats – core routines for reading/writing data in some third-party formats.
  • libpairPatchAgglomeration – primitive pair patch agglomeration method.
  • libreconstruct – mesh/field reconstruction library.
  • libvtkPV3blockMesh – tools to display blockMesh geometries in VTK/Paraview.

Boundary conditions

  • directMappedFixedValue now takes interpolationScheme entry so can interpolate values to face rather than taking cell values and has optional fieldName to sample