C++ Source Guide

The C++ Source Guide, generated by Doxygen has links to source code, inheritance and collaboration diagrams, and more.

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OpenFOAM Technical Guides

A collection of guides and articles about computational fluid dynamics with OpenFOAM from its core maintainers and contributors

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OpenFOAM Training

CFD Training based on features that accelerate learning, from CFD Direct.

Essential CFD

The Essential introduction to modern open source CFD, powered by OpenFOAM.  An accelerated learning experience, enabling you to carry out successful CFD with confidence.

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Applied CFD

The application of CFD to complex cases, unlocking OpenFOAM’s extensive functionality. Training the processes to build simulations in small steps, to deliver reliable solutions.

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Programming CFD

OpenFOAM programming that utilizes the unlimited flexibility of open source software. Developing maintainable CFD tools using OpenFOAM coding standards with C++.

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User Guide

General information about running OpenFOAM, compilation, solvers, models, mesh generation and post-processing.

Online User Guide

User Guide - PDF

Download the latest PDF version of the User Guide, also supplied with the OpenFOAM installation.

PDF User Guide