OpenFOAM Core Support

A significant part of producing a large piece of software like OpenFOAM is often loosely termed “maintenance”.  We use the term to encompass all activities that support inclusion of new functionality and continued interoperability with dependent software (e.g. compilers, third-party applications and libraries), including the following.

  • Code Design: (re-)writing code, modifying interfaces to enable new, cost-effective developments; communicating those changes.
  • Code Management: enhancing and enforcing coding standards; developing processes for version control, packaging and distribution.
  • Code Review: assessing community code to find bugs; educating and promoting understanding amongst contributors.
  • Testing: building and running unit tests, verification and validation and tests for intergration, performance, interoperability and installation.
  • Track Issues: running an issue tracking system; fixing issues carefully, re-factoring code where necessary; monitoring performance metrics.

Core Support Details

Maintenance involves a substantial amount of work, often at the core of OpenFOAM, requiring time from the core developers.  The OpenFOAM Foundation provides OpenFOAM Core Support for organisations who need priority access to core developers to undertake maintenance that supports existing, critical functionality and new developments on which they rely.  OpenFOAM Core Support is an annual support subscription that includes the following.

Core Redesign

Design and development of core code to support critical functionality.

Issue Resolution

Priority for analysing and correcting software bugs in release versions of OpenFOAM.

Quality Assurance

Creation and maintenance of verification tests for critical functionality.

Platform Selection

Advice on operating systems and hardware configurations for optimal running.

Performance Tuning

Assistance to configure OpenFOAM to optimize performance.


Assistance to port OpenFOAM to configurations of hardware / Linux OS.

Version Upgrade

Advice on upgrading code and cases to new versions of OpenFOAM.

Software Management

Assistance to manage installations and updates of OpenFOAM.

IP Management

Track provenance of contributed code that supports critical functionality.

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