OpenFOAM 2.2.1

OpenFOAM 2.2.1 Released

OpenFOAM 2.2.1 is a patch release of version 2.2.0 that fixes critical bugs and improves usability and consistency in the code with over 200 code commits and over 1000 file changes. As a patch release, we strongly recommend users of v2.2.0 upgrade to this version, or preferably the version 2.2.2 release which contains additional bug fixes and improvements to 2.2.1. Version 2.2.1 is distributed as:

  • a packaged installation for Ubuntu Linux — the simplest installation option for OpenFOAM;
  • a packaged installation for SuSE Linux;
  • a packaged installation for Fedora Linux;
  • a source pack for compilation on other Linux distributions.

11th July 2013

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