OpenFOAM 4.0

OpenFOAM 4.0 Released

OpenFOAM version 4.0 is a major new version of OpenFOAM that increases CFD productivity by significant improvements to general usability, post-processing, case management and software management. It provides a solid platform for the future, sustainable development of OpenFOAM through reimplementation of core and major libraries, over 120 bug fixes and much better consistency, robustness and performance. It is packed with numerous new and improved boundary conditions, new rigid body dynamics libraries, and developments in turbulence and transport modelling, meshing, ACMI and multiphase, reacting flow. OpenFOAM 4.0 is supplied as:

  • a packaged installation for Ubuntu Linux — the simplest installation option for OpenFOAM;
  • a source pack for compilation on other Linux distributions.

28th June 2016

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